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By focusing on accuracy, reliability, transparency, and excellent customer service, we provide a valuable service to users who are looking for quotes from moving companies.

Our History

Our founders recognized that moving can be a stressful, overwhelming, and expensive experience for no apparent reason. They wanted to simplify the moving process and establish a competitive environment for moving companies in which they would deliver the best moving quote available, making moving more affordable.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most trusted and reliable provider of moving quotes, helping customers to move with confidence and ease. We aim to achieve this by providing accurate, personalized quotes that are tailored to each customer’s unique needs, and by partnering with only the best and most reputable moving companies in the industry.

Our Values

Our company is built on a foundation of core values that guide everything we do.

  1. Integrity: We are committed to operating with honesty, transparency, and ethical business practices at all times.

  2. Reliability: We strive to be a dependable and trustworthy partner for our customers, providing accurate and timely quotes and exceptional customer service.

  3. Innovation: We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve our services and make the moving process more efficient and stress-free for our customers.

  4. Respect: We treat our customers, partners, and employees with respect and professionalism, fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity.

  5. Excellence: We are committed to providing the highest-quality service and support to our customers, and we continuously strive for excellence in everything we do.

Moving Services You Deserve

At The NYC Movers, we are committed to providing exceptional service and support to our customers. Since our establishment, we have been the recognized leader in the industry, offering easy-to-use and effective resources and tools to help with local and long-distance moving needs.

Our network of NYC moving companies, storage facilities, and truck rental providers is the most trusted in the industry. All of our member companies are required to be properly licensed and insured, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality service and protection.

We strive to connect our customers with qualified professionals looking to compete for their business. Our customized online moving tools and useful articles are recognized by our satisfied customers as providing essential moving information designed to save time and money. Whether you are researching, budgeting or in a big hurry trying to schedule a move, we provide the resources and tools needed to successfully manage all stages of the relocation process.

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